Wedding Party Entrance Songs Reception

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Your choice of wedding songs for your evening reception is an important part of your wedding celebrations. Choose the wrong songs, and the party could be over much quicker than you anticipated. Choose the right ones, however, and you will have actually a party to remember!

Choosing entertainment for your evening party usually comes down to having live music via a band, string quartet or pianist or having a DJ to provide a lively disco through the night. Of course you can also have actually a combination of both. Whichever you choose you need to strike a balance between songs which are old and songs which are new, you also need to ensure your wedding songs create the right atmosphere and will keep the dancing going all night long.

Hiring a live band that can play a wide range of different musical genres will always give you good value for money. A combination of songs which appeal to all ages will always go down the most effective along with your guests, creating a lively atmosphere and hopefully having requesting more. A good DJ will also be able to create the right atmosphere and will have actually a wider range of songs available.

You may also want to consider music which is traditional to your background. For instance if your heritage is Scottish or Irish you may want to consider having some traditional country dancing as part of your evening entertainment. Or perhaps a western style barn dance would certainly be better suited!

If you are having a particular wedding theme, such as one which is themed on a certain period in time – Medieval or 1920′s for instance, then you could include wedding songs that are traditional to the era. You will need to find a band or musical outfit who specialize in that type of music to keep along with the authenticity of the theme.

Whatever your style of music you need to agree on a play list which includes popular favorites and even songs which you hate in advance of the wedding. Include disco tracks which are proven to get everyone up and dancing, such as songs by these artists listed below:

* Abba
* Barry White
* The Beatles
* The Bee Gees
* Elvis Presley
* Frank Sinatra
* Gloria Gaynor
* Kylie Minogue
* Lionel Ritchie
* Madonna
* Michael Jackson
* Robbie Williams
* Rolling Stones
* Scissor Sisters
* Take That
* Tom Jones
* UB40
* Village People

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