unique wedding

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Every country in the world generally has a varied range of wedding tradition. Starting from a common tradition to absurd though. Here are some of the countries and cities with traditions and ceremonial weddings and unique and intriguing. Happy listening.

Ritual of the invited guests stepping in Tahiti
After the wedding ceremony, the new couple in the Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, must run on top of all the family members and friends in attendance. Guests arranged to face down along the carpet, up to the wedding hall toward the exit. Furthermore, the bride will walk with each step on their backs while saying goodbye and thank you. Such information is quoted from the book Planet SheKnows.com Wedding: A Nuptual-pedia.

Throw insults and curses in South Africa
A number of provinces in Indonesia have a tradition of sharing rhymes and enhancement using the poetic literature. Well, the same is true of the way in South Africa. However, the difference, they are not sharing rhymes, but throwing insults and curses to each family of the bride.

Interestingly, the more offensive and hurtful slander leveled, meaning the bride and groom’s wedding is believed to be a lasting and harmonious.unique wedding

There is an “uninvited guest” in Colombia
as quoted TheTopTens, traditions prevailing in Cali, Colombia, can be regarded as strange and ridiculous ritual. Just imagine when the procession made love on the first night, the mother of the bride should be present in the same room to watch the action intimacy of the newly married couple.

Prohibited smiling
in some countries, it is generally expected a lot of smiling newlywed couple. HHowever it does not happen in Congo, during the ceremony and wedding reception, the bride not to smile. The reason, marriage is seen as a sacred ritual, and a smile is considered mock religious values and traditions they believe. Unique Wedding Story

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