Three essential tips to plan a wedding

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Do you plan a wedding? Suddenly get stressed and confused where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will give you some tips and guidance to plan your wedding party.

The very first tips for every bride-to-be is do not stress! Wedding means a lot of things to do – to think – to check – and to pay, so it is really normal if you get stressed with it. But instead of help you to plan the wedding this stressed will ruin anything. So, let the stress gone and try these tips below to help you plan the wedding

1.    Make a list
This  list is very useful to ensure that you won’t miss anything for the wedding. Ask your couple to sit together and discuss about your wedding. Be careful when you make your wedding list. Write down the most easily forgotten thing for the wedding at first to make sure that you won’t miss the detail.
2.    Make yourself happy
Almost every bride-to-be is focus on something glamour or unique for their wedding to “wow” the guest (if you know what I mean), this is the reason why a lot of couples get stressed in their wedding. This is a mistake, make sure that you are happy with your wedding party, because it is impossible to please everyone. So instead of make people happy but stressed your self it is better if you make your self happy, right?
3.    Do it yourself
If you are not really busy, try to do everything by yourself. Let yourself choose your own wedding items such as, choosing the place for the wedding, the wedding gown, wedding cake, invitation etc to satisfied yourself instead of hiring a wedding organizer or wedding consultant, beside it can reduce your wedding budget.

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