Non flower wedding for minimum wedding budget

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Wedding is expensive and is an event that can not be separated from flowers. For some couples, it is essential to use flowers in their wedding decoration or as a bouquet.

But, having real flowers in your wedding party is actually will take a big portion of the wedding budget.

One tips for you who want to reduce the expense in your wedding, replace and maximize all items (in this case is the flowers) that have higher price with the lower price. So, for you who have minimum budget for your wedding try to replace the flowers with these alternatives

• Paper Flowers : Paper flowers is the first alternative for you who don’t want to lose the look of the flowers for your bouquet. You can make paper flower from newspaper, novel or maybe your love letter collection so your bouquet has special meaning to you. As for the decoration you can make the paper flower from coloured paper, the “flowers” will be more colourful, and brighten up the decoration. So you don’t need to use a lot of item for your decoration.

• Stone Broaches : This alternative exist for you who want to have different style, and looks more unique. Put the broaches in a mini pillow (to make a bouquet you can use the round shape), or if you want to make it as a decoration you can put it in a frame.

• Feathers : If you want something different and elegant you can use the feathers, pulled them together to make beautiful bouquets. To make it look more full and bright, mix the colour of the fabric.

• Balloons : Mix and match the baloons to have a youthful and cute bouquet. For example, mix and match the baloons in different size and shape. For the decoration, you can fill up the ceiling of the building to give more young and cute impression in your wedding

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