Cocktail Party Ideas For Weddings

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Cocktail Party Ideas For Weddings – When holding a party in a tent, it is a good idea to utilize the space along with great decorations. This livens up the pretty bland space. Depending on the occasion and the theme, there are various ways to do this. Even lighting becomes decorative properties themselves in addition to colorful designs.

For weddings and parties, Christmas lights or string lights are a great lighting source. If the event is held in the evening, colorful Christmas lights look great illuminating the ceiling, while solitary fluorescent lamps or floodlights give better visibility in the growing darkness outside. There are artfully shaped string lights available in the market; these come in the shape of flowers, toys, or multi-colored geometric figures.

Having a string of Chinese lanterns is a good idea too. These might be covered along with cellophane otherwise made of colored paper. The Chinese lanterns might be the round collapsible ones or the cylindrical “sky lantern”. These lanterns give excellent illumination, especially the ones made of white paper. These might be used in combination along with a string of smaller light bulbs.

Some people who avail of tent rentals use chandeliers for lighting. Chandeliers are normally used for formal or grand occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, and debut parties. Chandeliers at the center of the ceiling look wonderful surrounded by colorful sashes along with wreaths or flowers.

Flowers and wreaths are marvelous as lining on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Some people get tent rentals and add flowers and wreaths along the windows too (if there are windows). These likewise look magnificent when laced along with sashes in soft pastel colors. Depending on the occasion, the sashes may have actually brighter colors, or alternatively, dark ones like violet, red, and black.

Some people likewise add plants as decoration when they get tent rentals; these range from arranged bouquets on stands to small potted trees. These may likewise be decorated along with Christmas lights or ribbons. If this is for a wedding, the red carpet looks fabulous lined along with flowers and dotted along with rose petals. Some people add wind chimes on their tents, too, to add to the earthy, ambient appeal. Cocktail Party Ideas For Weddings Article.

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